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Wouter Brandsma

*I was born on July 4, 1973 in Ede the Netherlands. I am not a working photographer, but I consider photography my passion. It is like a release valve to find balance between my family and work. I make a living as a data annalist, yet I have been involved in photography since the age of 8. I grew up between passionate photographers and a grandfather who was a professional photographer.

I am a husband and father of two gorgeous kids. And they played an important role in the development of my photography. I am very visually oriented and photography provides me with the opportunity to express myself, to understand what we take for granted, and to display the complexity and beauty of common life.

I feel the wind through my hair. The light makes this industrial location in Germany look magical. I feel this pleasant calmness and I open up for this brutal beauty, the past, the decay, the present. Instinctively I opt for black & white that makes the structures and textures come alive to me. The Ricoh GR is like a good friend. Trust, loyal, simple and pure. With a fixed 28mm lens some would call it limiting, I adore these limitations though. When I am out, like on this day, I don't want to notice a camera. The sharpness of the images provided by the GR is phenomenal. And the tonality is simply amazing. I love the sketchy look I get from the Ricoh GR Digital 3, but the GR gives me new possibilities. It makes sense to me using the GR. I don't have to think, I can operate the camera single-handedly. The metering and focus is always spot on. I like human presences in my photographs, both in rural areas and on the street. Unforced, not necessarily close, but still personal. My feelings, my stroll photography. On the street in the Netherlands, wandering around, the GR is always ready in my hand. I can quickly switch from spot AF to snap mode whenever I need to. The GR makes me fast. In good light I found the sweet spot at ISO400. A movement by a person, a light reflection, an interesting shadow, a certain form. When it moves me, I get curious how it looks like photographed. This is the territory where I feel comfortable with the Ricoh GR. Wherever the light and shadows go I am there.

Wouter Brandsma works with the RICOH GR.

Wouter Brandsma

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